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Cool Citizen Awards

Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition established the Cool Citizen Awards program in 2009 to recognize organizations, companies, individuals and government entities for their work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Nominations for award winners may be made by any member of the coalition, and the selection of the winners is made by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors. The awards are presented at the annual All Affiliates Conference (2012 date: March 14).

2013 Cool Citizen Award Nomination Form

Nominations are closed for the 2012 awards, but we will be accepting nominations for the 2013 Cool Citizen Awards on an on-going basis. Self-nominations are welcome if you feel your organization or company should be considered for an award. Please fill this form out completely. The information you enter in the “Basis for Nomination” field should included details about how the nominee’s work  contributed to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (especially in the areas of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and/or clean, renewable energy). What special accomplishments has this nominee achieved to deserve this nomination? You may provide web links to information supporting this nomination in this field.  This form will be automatically submitted. Additional information may be submitted to the Nominations Committee directly by EMAIL.

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