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Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Your “carbon footprint” is the amount of your contribution to the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Most of your impact can be measured by fairly simple calculations based on your use of electricity, natural gas and fuels for transportation. It is expressed in pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2).

You will find many tools to measure this on-line. Here’s one that we feel is fairly comprehensive: Cool Climate Network

Whether you use this calculator or another, it’s important to follow up after you’ve made changes to see what your improvement has been. To get the most consistent results, you should use the same calculator for your follow-up comparison.

What should your household carbon footprint be? Regardless of your result, if you are an American household with a lifestyle anywhere close to the “norm” (that is, you live in a house or apartment with electricity, hot/cold running water, climate control; and you drive a car as your primary means of transport), your carbon footprint is way above the world’s average. We urge you to do your part by measuring your carbon footprint and getting started on a plan to reduce it. Don’t worry about the “averages” – we all need to do better. Let’s get on a “low carbon” diet now!

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