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Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition is THE local organization in the Roanoke Valley that is tackling energy policy and the difficult problem of global warming through education, outreach, and community actions.

We know that to slow and ultimately halt global warming, action is needed at every level, from international to personal. Our goal is to encourage the citizens, businesses, organizations, and governments in our community to understand what they can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to get started with the challenge ahead.

We’re not just talking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we’re actually DOING something about it. Be sure to check out our CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Program link above!

Making smart energy choices has many benefits beyond the fight to curb global warming. Better air quality (both visually and from a human health standpoint), reduction in mountain top removal coal mining, a more secure energy future for our nation, and lowering our overall energy costs are some of these benefits.

The navigation bar above will guide you to all the details about our organization and programs, including how YOU can get involved to help in this urgent campaign. Thanks for your support and interest!!!


Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition is organized for the purpose of curbing global warming by bringing about a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, both those originating in the Roanoke Valley, and those that originate elsewhere as the result of the use of electricity in our community. To accomplish this purpose, we intend to:

1. Educate the public and government officials within our community about such matters as:

  • The science and consequences of global warming;
  • The impacts of fossil fuel combustion on air quality, human health, and the natural environment;
  • Issues relating to the limited supply of fossil fuels;
  • The environmental and social impacts of fossil fuel extraction practices;
  • The benefits of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of clean, renewable energy sources;
  • The technology and availability of alternative fuels;
  • The technology and availability of renewable energy generating systems;
  • The technology and sources of energy efficient products;
  • The concepts and benefits of conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • The concepts and benefits of energy efficient or “green” architecture and building practices;
  • International, national, state and local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

2. Reduce the burden of local government by helping identify ways to reduce utility and fuel expenses through energy efficiency, conservation, and the use of clean, renewable energy sources.

3. To the extent allowable by section 501, Internal Revenue Code, devote a limited amount of our resources to advocacy on legislation affecting energy policy, energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

ORGANIZATION: Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition is a Virginia Nonstock (non-profit) corporation and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service.

The coalition is open to any person, corporation, or other entity who agrees to the purposes stated above and who is willing to support our work in some tangible manner. Affiliates are non-voting Members of the coalition. At the present time we assess no dues or charges to Affiliates. To become an affiliates, complete our registration form, which can be obtained by one of the methods explained on our Join page.


Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition
907 Greenbrier Ct
Salem, VA 24153


Board of Directors

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