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The purpose of this web site is to archive and disseminate information about combating climate change. It was originally the web site of Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition and is now owned and managed by Diana Christopulos and Mark McClain.

About Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition:

The “Cool Cities” campaign was initiated by the Sierra Club in an effort to mobilize local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take other actions to avert the negative impacts of climate change. In 2006 the Roanoke Group of the Sierra Club undertook a Cool Cities initiative, and under the leadership of Diana Christopulos and Mark McClain, established an informal coalition of local organizations, companies, and individuals.

In 2007, it was decided to establish a formal entity to continue this initiative, and as founding directors they incorporated the group as Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition. The organization was recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization (501(c)(3)). A full slate of directors was elected, which included some of the Roanoke Valley’s leading advocates for environmental responsibility. In the ensuing years, the directors and other volunteers engaged the public and local governments, participating in hundreds of presentations, public events, media appearances, meetings with elected officials, and other activities.

The coalition grew exponentially, ultimately reaching a membership of nearly 300 companies, groups, and individuals, representing collectively over 20,000 citizens.

In early 2019, the board of directors decided to dissolve the corporation. While many of the directors and other members of the coalition continue to pursue the goals of the organization, it was felt that formal incorporation was no longer necessary.

Directors of Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition
#Founding Directors
@Members of the first fully-constituted board (2007)
*Incumbent members at the time of dissolution (2019)

#*@Diana Christopulos, President
#*@Mark McClain, Secretary
*Jeremy Holmes, Treasurer
*@Renee Godard
*@Sean McGinnis
*Julio Stephens
*Tori Williams

@Mary Bishop
@Stan Breakell
@Rupert Cutler
@Gregg Lewis
@Lea Lupkin

Chad Braby
Wendy Mellenthin
Steve Waterman

The following list describes the purposes and activities of Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition:

1. Educate the public and government officials within our community about such matters as:

  • The science and consequences of global warming;
  • The impacts of fossil fuel combustion on air quality, human health, and the natural environment;
  • Issues relating to the limited supply of fossil fuels;
  • The environmental and social impacts of fossil fuel extraction practices;
  • The benefits of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of clean, renewable energy sources;
  • The technology and availability of alternative fuels;
  • The technology and availability of renewable energy generating systems;
  • The technology and sources of energy efficient products;
  • The concepts and benefits of conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • The concepts and benefits of energy efficient or “green” architecture and building practices;
  • International, national, state and local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

2. Reduce the burden of local government by helping identify ways to reduce utility and fuel expenses through energy efficiency, conservation, and the use of clean, renewable energy sources.

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