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How to comment on the Mountain Valley Pipeline

October 12, 2016


FERC Docket CP16-10

DEADLINE: December 22, 2016

Below is a skeleton model for a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for comment for the DEIS. Be sure to:

  1. Cite the section, page #, etc. of the DEIS that you are responding to.
  2. If there are statements in the DEIS that you disagree with, you should say that—and provide evidence if possible to support your disagreement.
  3. If you have previously submitted a comment, reference it to show how the FERC failed to consider that comment.

Where can I find the DEIS? It is available for download on the FERC website:

Sending comments to FERC.  Submit to the FERC by using eComment, eFiling, or by US Mail. For all online searches in the FERC e-library be sure to use FERC Docket CP16-10. Any other number will return incorrect results or no results.

Should I send my comment to anyone else? We will provide an updated list soon.

For more details in West Virginia:


This sample is being made available to the public. The contents of comments to the FERC are up to the individual making the comment. Landowners who have questions or concerns should consult an attorney.

Note! This is a sample format—Make sure you DELETE THE ITALICIZED SUGGESTIONS and save before you submit


Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

888 First Street NE, Room 1A

Washington, DC  20426

RE: Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Docket No. CP16-10-000

I am commenting on pages __________ of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Mountain Valley Project and Equitrans Expansion Project (September 16, 2016), Docket No. CP16-10-000 and Docket No. CP16-13-000.

  1. (If you have previously submitted a comment, add this section.)

In preparing the DEIS, the FERC failed to meaningfully address the significant concerns raised in my previously submitted comment(s).

Accession Number:


  1. (Write comment here. If there are statements in the DEIS that you disagree with, you should say that and provide evidence if possible to support your disagreement.)


  1. Because of the unaddressed concerns I have identified above, and other significant information gaps that have been noted by other commenters and cited within the DEIS document itself, I request that the FERC issue a new DEIS with complete and corrected information, so that the public has an opportunity to assess and comment on the potential impacts of the project prior to the issuance of the FEIS.

If the FERC does not issue a new DEIS, I request that the FERC choose the No Action Alternative.

(Include your name and address, email, phone number.)

cc: US Environmental Protection Agency

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